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How make an underground storage tank safe

How to make an underground storage tank gas-free using NanoVapor Suppression technology

  • NanoVapor’s Vapor Suppression System (VSS) is designed to rapidly reduce and maintain the concentration of fuel vapors in USTs for safe work.

  • The System consists of two components: a nano-droplet generator and a fuel vapor suppressant. The patented  Model ST-1000 creates an aerosol of nano-droplets out of a proprietary fuel vapor suppressant, TankSafe, in an air stream. When connected to the tank, existing fuel vapors are pushed out of the tank while TankSafe nano-droplets quickly disperse to form a barrier on all tank and fuel surfaces.

  • The TankSafe barrier is only a few molecules thick while significantly reducing the evaporation of any residual fuel. Thus, when used properly, the VSS creates a safe tank environment and reduces personnel exposure risk by treating fuel vapors at their source.

  • The ST-1000 is ATEX-rated and CE marked with no moving or electrical parts. It is completely pneumatic, powered by a twin tool air compressor supplying 4.3 cmm @ 6.8 bar (150 cfm @ 100 psig) via two 19 mm (¾”) air hoses. 

  • The vapor suppressant, TankSafe, is non-toxic, non-reactive, and classified as “not hazardous” under current US and EU regulatory definitions. It is derived from renewable resources and readily biodegradable

System Advantages

Utilization of the NanoVapor VSS implements the following advantages:
  • Fast degassing times possible for achieving <1% of LEL


  • Maintain hydrocarbon vapor concentrations < 1% of LEL for 8 hours or more after application  . Longer times possible (weeks) with additional applications.


  • Straightforward use (see Procedure Guideline)


  • Small footprint: 38 x 76 x 122 cm

        (15” x 30” x 48”)


  • Portable: 45 kg (~100 lb)


  • Cost and downtime reduction potential: Neutral to 90% savings depending on market and current practices (see Table 1 and case studies in Appendix for specific examples)

Tank Safe Barrier

  • The TankSafe barrier is robust and has been tested in numerous applications including tank removals (without transport), pipework replacements, manlid gasket replacements, excavation with jackhammering, tank inspections and product changes, and tank top upgrades.

  • The most severe applications in terms of agitation of the TankSafe barrier that have been tested are excavation with jackhammering of concrete and removal of tanks with destruction in place (no transport).

  • No issues with a rise in vapor levels above 10% have been observed after proper application.

Training and Certification
  • REQUIRED to ensure the user understands the principles of safety and operation including:

  1. Combustion and static safety

  2. Flow rates/ratios

  3. Proper tank connections

  • TankSafe has been certified as safe for use on Shell Retail USTs

  • TankSafe is provided ready-to-use and should not be modified. . 

  • Only NanoVapor’s ST-1000 should be used to apply TankSafe. The ST-1000 is specifically designed for USTs to create and distribute TankSafe nano- droplets.  

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