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Vapor Suppression

The NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System rapidly suppresses harmful and potentially explosive storage tank Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), leaving breathable air for safe cleaning, inspection, maintenance, or removal.

When performing cleaning, maintenance, inspection, or removal the tank must be opened and sometimes entered. Even after the tank has been drained, hazardous and explosive vapors remain which escape into the atmosphere and create an unsafe work environment for human entry.


The NanoVapor™ system rapidly degasses the tank and improves air quality so service personnel can safely work in a non-explosion, non-toxic environment.

Our System's

Safe Suppressant
The TankSafe™ suppressant is non-toxic, non-reactive, and safe to store. The delivery unit is portable, compact, and operates using compressed air with no electrical or moving parts.
Fast acting
The NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System dramatically reduces the time needed to degas a tank – as fast as 45 minutes for a 20,000 liter tank to less than 10% LEL. A single application can be used for cold work lasting one day.
No Waste
TankSafe™ is derived from renewable materials, and is readily biodegradable. It leaves no residue or waste product behind, eliminating the costly cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials.
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