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VOC Absorption

What is absorption ?

  • Absorption is a mass transfer operation in which one or more soluble components of a gas

  • mixture are dissolved in a liquid that has low volatility

  • The pollutant diffuses from the gas into the liquid

The suitability of gas absorption as a pollution control method is generally dependent on the

following factors

  • Availability of suitable solvent

  • Required removal efficiency

  • Pollutant concentration in the inlet vapor

  • Capacity required for handling waste gas

  • Recovery value of the pollutant(s) or the disposal cost of the spent solvent

Physical absorption depends on properties of the gas stream and solvent

  • Density and viscosity

  • Specific characteristics of the pollutant(s) in the gas and the liquid stream

  • Absorption is enhanced by greater contacting surface, higher liquid-gas ratios, and higher concentrations in the gas stream

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-03 at 10.40.55 AM.jpeg

Patented Absorption Scrubber

  • Extracts gas stream from Tank

  • Creates positive pressure in the scrubber

  • Liquid- Gas interface

  • Extracts VOC and HAPS from gas stream

  • Enriches  liquid absorbent (Plant based lean oir or Diesel Oil

  • Generates “scrubbed” air stream vents to the atmosphere  

Image 2-01.jpg

Patented Absorption Technology based on Nano- bubbles generation


Gas stream enters the scrubber and is distributed through the central air header into the porous pipes


Scrubber recyclable liquid

Plant based oil

Once enriched with the gas stream, is recyclable.


Porous pipes  where absorption occurs. One pass = 99% efficiency 


Demister, vent to atmosphere


Patented Absorption Scrubber: What’s inside

Image 3-01.png
Microbubbles with scrubbed gas
  • Contact surface

  • Contact time

  • Higher liquid-gas ratios

  • Microbubbles generation

The porous tubes design increases the efficiency of   absorption main properties
  • Contact surface

  • Contact time

  • Higher liquid-gas ratios

  • Microbubbles generation

NanoVapor Vapor Absorption System –VAS- 
versus others

  • When searching for air compliance solutions, there are a number of options that might qualify as a BACT (Best Available Control Technology).

  • Conventional wet scrubbers, carbon absorption systems, thermal oxidation, and flaring—the historically default technologies—are often operationally or economically unviable.

NanoVapor  Patented VAS combines   innovative, non-traditional technologies to meet the challenges of the new, more stringent 21st-century environmental compliance regulations
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