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Vapor absorption  

5500 CFM Vapor Absorption 

  • High-Flow ‘Forced Induction’ liquid vapor scrubber designed for airflows up to 5500 CFM. This unit has a proprietary liquid distribution system and internal mist eliminator which enables relatively low-pressure drop with high efficiencies.

  • Excellent for use with ‘Air-Movers’  which produce large airflows and have pressure displacement.

  • This unit has a large liquid capacity (up to 2750 gallons) for extended run times.

  • It is designed for heavy-duty industrial duty and has a  proprietary liquid distribution system and internal mist eliminator  



  • Removal efficiencies as high as 98% for hydrocarbons such as gasoline!

  • Uses   economically priced  chemical media to

  • hydrocarbons.

  • Excellent for air-mover and GapVac exhaust (~5500 CFM).

  • Includes stainless steel internal distributor and mist eliminator.

  • Requires no utilities!

  • Excellent for remote locations.

  • Using other scrubbing solutions, unit able to scrub a host of other


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We design, manufacture and commission customized Vapor Control Units that meets the most stringent air compliance regulations.

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