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Advantages of using NanoVapor 

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NanoVapor’s Vapor Suppression System is a faster, safer, and greener method of gas-freeing tanks with broad applicability to Retail Station maintenance and overhauls. By introducing a highly engineered fuel vapor suppressant, a safe tank environment is quickly achieved and maintained without a reduction in tank oxygen levels or generation of hazardous waste water. The NanoVapor advantage in safety, economics, and efficiency is highlighted in this report by two case studies. One of these case studies demonstrates gas-freeing of eight tanks with NanoVapor yields:

  • A safe tank for the duration of the job

  • A direct cost savings of 90%

  • A reduction in station downtime of 2 days

NanoVapor delivers value improvement in health, safety, and environment over current gas-freeing methods while also delivering significant value improvement in economics and time efficiency.

  • Safety standards   require that before hot work is performed on underground storage tanks and piping at Gas  Stations, the tank environment is gas-free (<1% of LEL) before beginning the work to ensure contractor and asset safety.

  • The environment must remain below 10% of LEL while the work is ongoing to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

  • For long duration jobs, such as fuel system replacements, this safe environment may be required up to several weeks for 5-8 tanks depending on the site and the project.

  • Tanks and piping are traditionally made gas-free using either nitrogen purging or water-filling. These methods are compared below 

  •  Air purging is not practical for long duration jobs as it would have to be applied continuously throughout the work to prevent vapor build-up.

Table 2-01.jpg

Faster – Reduces station downtime up to several days

Safer – Keeps the tank safe over long periods with no risk of fuel contamination


Greener – No hazardous waste disposal

In addition, utilization of NanoVapor creates the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars on project costs.

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