VOC Absorption

In all industrial operations, hazardous air pollution involving VOCs, CO2, CO, NOX, and H2S emissions during normal operations is becoming more strictly regulated. Conventional scrubbers or thermal destructive technologies used to manage VOC emissions are subject to permitted limitations, which are becoming increasingly restrictive and expensive to manage.  The potential of future liability with respect to hazardous exposure to workers, compliance costs, operational risks, and high variable costs are compelling companies to look for alternative solutions to managing their air quality challenges.

NanoVapor™ can help in reducing these risks, emissions, and costs by working closely with you to understand your needs and customizing a more efficient solution to meet safety and compliance requirements.  NanoVapor's Advanced Vapor Absorption System is a patented non-destructive emissions technology that provides a better solution for complying with the growing emissions restrictions and challenges. It offers up to 100% efficiency in vapor recovery resulting in zero VOCs, NOx, CO2, or other hazardous emissions.  Our system is scalable, simple to operate, reduces operational costs, and can eliminate air emissions.

For owners and operators of aboveground storage tanks or petrochemical facilities that need safer and faster turnarounds that are more economically efficient and environmentally compliant, NanoVapor™ can reduce degassing costs by up to 50% with zero emissions unlike most other scrubbers and thermal oxidizers. We do this by combining our patented vapor suppression and absorption technologies to achieve a safer, faster, and more environmentally friendly method of degassing.

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