NanoVapor suppression was utilized to degas six (6)  gasoline and one (1) Diesel tanks, between 2500 and 5000 m3, at the  Lanzhou and Zhangye Fuel Depots belonging to Petrochina.  

Prior method of degassing involved the use of water-washing.

This method generates  5,000 liters of contaminated waste water per tank, which must be held in storage and later hauled away to be remediated.


This represented considerable time and cost, as well as a logistics bottleneck.


In contrast, NanoVapor produced a time savings of up to 44% in degassing to 10% LEL for tank entry, completely eliminating the time, cost, and logistical issues related to the contaminated waste-water.

NanoVapor was used to quickly achieve and maintain the 0% LEL atmosphere required to safely perform hot work, and the 0% LEL safe atmosphere persisted for two (2) more days without any re-application of NanoVapor suppressant.


Degassing Above Ground Storage Tanks 

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