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We believe in providing safer degassing and air emission solutions for employees and the environment, while reducing operational costs. If your company believes in safety above all else, loves the planet, and wants to make more money, then NanoVapor is the technology partner for you.


What we do

NanoVapor offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of vapors from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  These patented technologies directly address safety, health, workplace, and environmental issues related to vapor management.  Working at a very small level, NanoVapor’s system is faster, safer, and greener than any other known methods for management of VOCs.  It has almost limitless applications in the energy industry from wellhead to the local gas station, as well as in aviation and marine sectors.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) vapors create an inherent safety risk, as operators must reduce the organic vapor concentration below the “Lower Explosive Limit” (LEL), above which the fuel to oxygen ratio allows for combustion.  By suppressing or absorption fuel vapors, you minimize the time people spend in an explosive and toxic setting and hazardous emissions to the environment.


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How we do it

We’ve developed TankSafe, a proprietary liquid suppressant that is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive, and biodegradable. TankSafe is a patented nanotechnology that can gas-free any space when utilized with one of our delivery systems, which are easy to use, portable, and inherently safe. The results are not only healthier for workers in confined spaces, but significantly faster and greener than other vapor suppression methods in current practice—saving lives, time, and money.


Our breakthrough technology addresses vapor control at its source, greatly improving your industrial operational efficiency in a safer, more environmentally-friendly workplace.

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Using our patented vapor absorption, we help you to manage emissions and permitting challenges by reducing hazardous air pollution, as well as CO2, CO, NOX, and H2S during normal operations and maintenance.

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Our commitments



Our technology reduces aircraft degassing time by nearly 95% from current, conventional degassing procedures—reducing risk and returning valuable aircraft availability.

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Our suppression system reduces cost and complexity over current techniques across the board—we’re a Global Design Best Practice for the degassing of retail gas stations, forecourts, and USTs/ASTs worldwide.

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NanoVapor’s ST-1000 is perfect for marine operators, producing results much safer and faster than current gas freeing practices, and with none of the pollutants.

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Good plans don’t cost money, they save money. Thorough plans can greatly mitigate safety and environmental risks, and cost reductions during maintenance, inspections, rebuilds, cleaning, and decommissioning. NanoVapor’s in-house scientists and consultants can help you plan and design a safer, more economic project. Contact us directly to start your project today.